Melting and trolling: These new emoji could land on your iPhone this year

And at long last, a wheel!

Just once you thought we had all the emoji we could ever need, the Unicode Consortium drops an entire bunch of latest ones for us. And while the list still isn’t final, there’s an honest chance most of those 100-plus emoji will land on our iPhones late this year.
The final list still must be approved—and Apple would then got to put its own artistic spin on them—but among the emoji being considered for release are a melting face, face holding back tears, a pregnant man, and a mirror ball.
You can find the complete list on the Emojipedia website. The group expects final approval of the designs in September, but Apple doesn’t always include new emojis within the initial iOS release. For example, iOS 14 didn’t include that year’s new emojis, but there have been tons added in iOS 14.2 in November, and more in iOS 14.5 in February (from the emoji 13.1 list).

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